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Completing a business activity statement is how most Australian businesses report and pay their taxes to the taxation office. 

Contact SJB Bookkeeping in Hampton Park if you need help preparing and lodging your BAS!


Getting Your BAS Right

If you’re a business registered for GST, you need to lodge a business activity statement to report and pay your taxes. You can do this electronically, by mail or over the phone (for nil lodgments). 

To get your BAS right, you need to:

  • Reconcile your BAS figures with your records
  • Check your purchases and sales to claim GST credits
  • Complete the sections that apply to you

Our job is to make lodging and paying your business tax easier and more convenient!

To claim GST credits in your BAS, you need the tax invoices for your business purchases


BAS Lodgement Hampton Park Dandenong, Cranbourne South Melbourne

BAS Lodgment for Small Businesses

When filling out an activity statement to account for GST and claim GST credits, it’s important to leave the boxes that don’t apply to you blank. You also need to check that your purchases and sales are reported in the correct tax period.

At SJB Bookkeeping, we have more than 10 years of experience in helping small businesses lodge and pay their taxes to avoid penalties. Contact us to prepare your BAS for you!

We can help you avoid the common mistakes that small business owners make when completing their activity statement


BAS Lodgement Hampton Park Dandenong, Cranbourne South Melbourne

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